Author ········· Edgar Allan Poe
Medium ········· Print
Published ······ July 1845
Language ······· English
The WA Department of Health wanted a way to remind everyone that they need to get tested for STIs and BBVs regularly.

We aimed to create a shorthand way for people to say that they use protection, are up-to-date with their sexual health and feel comfortable talking about sex openly. We wanted people to be able to identify with and rally behind something that signified to the world that they’re doing the right thing and encouraged others around them to do so to.

To do this we introduced a new into the vernacular, Healthysexual, designed a symbol to sit alongside it and it’s own rally-cry which doubled as a CTA. We launched Healthysexual with an unmissable, colourful and loud TVC that showcased what it means to be a Healthysexual, and followed this up with an equally wild roll out.  

Most importantly, Healthysexual transcends sexuality and gender. Anyone can be a Healthysexual. It’s not a lifestyle or a political belief, it’s just looking after yourself and those around you.  

Awards and Honours:
2021 - AGDA, Finalist. Design for Good.

2021 - AGDA, Distinction. Design for Good.

Role. . . . Creative
Agency. . . . 303 MullenLowe
Field. . . . online, TVC, OOH, radio
Published. . . . April 2021

2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles