Kit Kat & Sky Store
Advertise Kit Kat’s upcoming promotion with Sky Store that offers interested viewers a chance to win a free movie.

As Creative Lead on the project, I felt it was important to maintain Kit Kat’s iconic playful spirit as well as clearly communicating the offer.

To do so I borrowed from the world of cinema, recreating popular genre tropes using our confectionary characters to create six unique and playful idents.

The entire series was shot using puppets, rather than CGI or effects. I chose to film with a puppeteer and animator as it added a charming element to the overall look and feel (and because who doesn’t want to work with a puppeteer?).   

Role. . . . Creative
Agency. . . . J. Walter Thompson, London.
Field. . . .  TV, Cinema, Social.
Published. . . . August 2017.

Thank you

2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles