Author ········· Edgar Allan Poe
Medium ········· Print
Published ······ July 1845
Language ······· English

Little White Lies 
A new study by Drug Aware revealed that 4 out of 5 Western Australians between 16 and 25 currently don’t do drugs.

Knowing this, Drug Aware wanted to launch a campaign that dispelled the age-old myth that everyone around you is using.   

Our lives are filled with little white lies. From the dates we’re going on to what we got up to on the weekend, we love to exaggerate the truth. So, if your friends are bragging about the drugs they’re doing, odds are they’re probably lying.  

We decided to bring this to life by crafting a horribly catchy earworm and coupling it with some great illustrations to really drive home our 4/5 stat in a playful and memorable way.

Awards and Honours:
2021 - PADC, Silver. Best Writing.
2021 - PADC, Silver. Film for Good. 
2021 - PADC, Bronze. Intergrated for Good. 
2021 - PADC, Bronze. Broadcasting & Online Film.  
2021 - AGDA, Finalist. Design for Good. 

Role. . . . Creative
Agency. . . . 303 MullenLowe
Field. . . . online, cinema, OOH
Published. . . . June 2021

2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles