Author ········· Edgar Allan Poe
Medium ········· Print
Published ······ July 1845
Language ······· English

Party Smarter
Get Perth’s summer festival-goers to understand the effects of MDMA and encourage them to prepare rather than just take. 

We needed Perth’s festival enthusiasts to remember and recognise the negative side effects of MDMA consumption – heatstroke, internal drowning and serotonin toxicity – which can ruin any party.

But above all this, it needed to be done without any fearmongering, negativity, or nagging. So we used humour and a ‘we’ve all been there’ approach to bridge the gap and refresh an often tired message.

Role. . . . Creative
Agency. . . . 303 MullenLowe
Field. . . . online, TVC, OOH
Published. . . . October 2020

2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles